Volunteer at the Abbey Medieval Festival

The Abbey Medieval Festival would not be what it is today without the generosity of our volunteer community. Our team experience the Abbey Medieval Festival from behind the scenes and fill a wide variety of important roles.

Volunteering creates an incredible opportunity to learn and be a part of the fascinating experience that brings the Medieval world at Abbeystowe to life. Many of our volunteers are with us for years and utilise all they learn for their own personal growth. It brings us so much joy to see and hear the success stories of the Abbey Volunteer program.

Volunteer applications for 2024 will open in early 2024. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter below to keep up to date with all volunteer opportunities and get in early when we open applications for another exciting Abbey Medieval Festival.

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Be a part of the atmosphere!

Discover our Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities available

Bump In/Bump Out Support Staff

Assist our various operations teams in making sure the festival runs smoothly, we are looking for friendly faces with good communication skills to provide the best experience possible for everyone at the festival.  

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Team Leader 
  • Site Set Up Team – Week 1  
  • Site Set Up Team – Week 2  
  • Site Pack Down Team – Week 3  
  • Reenactor & Stalls Bump In Crew – Wed 3rd to Sat 6th July  
Campsite Team

As a campsite supervisor, you will be tasked with ensuring our on-site camping grounds run smoothly, this includes directing campers around the festival, supervising the sign-on process, and generally providing a friendly, welcoming demeanour to our campers.  

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Campsite Supervisor  
  • Campsite Assistant  
Anywhere You Need Me

Can’t decide where to go but keen to help out? This role is perfect for you, if you are friendly, a good team player, and enthusiastic, we would love to have you on board our volunteer team! 

Abbey Made Shop (Festival Site)

Assist in our Abbey Made Shop at the Festival, where we will be selling wares from our amazing Abbey Volunteer sewing team! If you are friendly, enthusiastic, and enjoy customer service, this is for you! 

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Retail / Customer Service  

Work with our gates & ticketing team to ensure all our patrons get access to our venue! Working in this team will include giving directions, customer service, and use of technology. Help immerse our patrons in the Middle Ages right from the gate! 

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Ticket Scanner  
  • Wristbander   
  • Performer / Stalls / Stakeholder Check-in  
General Runner

Help the Abbey Festival run as smooth as possible by joining our team of runners! This role will include moving around the festival, working well in a team, and a can-do attitude! 

Heorot Hall Team

Heorot Hall is our one of our festival taverns, by joining the team you will be helping serve mead and ales to our patrons as well as helping them feel like they have truly stepped into the Middle Ages! If you have customer service experience, a knack for teamwork, and an enthusiastic attitude, you will be perfect for this role!  

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Beverage Attendant
  • Rubbish & Fire Handler 
  • Stock Handler 
  • Spruiker/Relief Staff 
Waste Warrior

Join our Waste Warrior team and help us in our sustainability efforts at the festival! This team will involve active movement and require good communication skills.  

Information Booth

Assist our guests in discovering the Abbey Festival, this team is looking for those who enjoy helping others and have a friendly, outgoing personality. You should have a good understanding and knowledge of the festival site to apply for this role  

Infrastructure Support Team

Help us make the Abbey Festival unforgettable and ensure the safety of our guests by joining our Infrastructure Support Team. This team is looking for team players, good communicators, and those with a can-do attitude! 

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Site Set up Team – Week 1  
  • Site Set Up Team – Week 2  
  • Site Pack Down team – Week 3  
Joust Arena Support

Our Joust Arena Support team is looking for volunteers who are able to work in busy environments, communicate well, and help guide patrons around the Arena. As one of our biggest attractions the Joust Arena Support team is looking for those who are ready for the challenge! 

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Ticket Scanner 
  • Horse Marshall (Previous experience working with horses favoured) 
  • Seating Usher 
  • Flag Seller 
  • Gatekeeper 
  • Water Seller 
  • Accessibility Guide 
Kids Activities (Blue Card Required)

Join our Kids Activities team at the Festival! In this team you will be assisting in running programs and activities for kids to ensure they are learning, having fun, and getting an Abbey Medieval Festival experience to remember. A Blue Card is required for certain roles within this team.  

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Activity Facilitator 
  • Activity Assistant 
  • Set Up Crew  

Marketing Assistant

The Marketing Assistant will provide assistance to the Marketing Manager and photography team as a key support person. Requires someone who is organised, confident with people and has creative attention to detail.

Potential Opportunity to create some social media content throughout the day. This role would be great for a Marketing student looking to add some event experience.

Market Stalls Support Team

With over 70 market stalls across the site, we are looking for enthusiastic team-players to join our support team and ensure that our markets at the festival are able to operate to the best of their abilities for our patrons, helping achieve an unforgettable festival experience! 

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Bump-in Team – Wed 3rd – Sat 6th July  
  • General Volunteer 
Museum Shop (Festival Site)

Assist in our Museum Shop at the Festival, where we will be selling wares from the Abbey Museum! If you are friendly, enthusiastic, and enjoy customer service, this is for you! 

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Retail / Customer Service  
Parking & Traffic

By joining our Parking & Traffic team, you will be providing a key service to the festival, ensuring that patrons are able to arrive and enjoy the wonders of the Abbey Festival! For this team we are looking for good communicators, able movers, and friendly personalities!  

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Bus loading assistants  
  • VIP Parking assistants  
  • Accessible Parking assistants  
  • General Parking assistants  
Program & Performance Team

Our Program & Performance Team is key in making sure our scheduled programs & performances at the Festival go off without a hitch, for this team we are looking for good communicators, friendly & helpful personalities, and those with good management skills. This team is perfect for those with a passion for performance.  

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Gate Accreditation – Tues 2nd – Sat 6th July  
  • Venue Supervisor – Fri, Sat & Sun  
  • Venue Assistant – Fri, Sat & Sun  
  • Roving Support – Sat & Sun  
  • Gates Spruiker – Fri, Sat & Sun  
  • Joust Spruiker – Fri, Sat & Sun  
  • Venue Spruiker 
  • Mystery Shopper 
  • VIP Liaison
Program Sales

Help us ensure patrons get the most out of the Abbey Festival by joining our Program Sales team! In this team we are looking for those with customer service skills, bubbly personalities, and good team players! You will work closely with the Gates and Information Booth teams.  


If you have a way with words, a loud voice, love being the centre of attention and have a passion for all things Medieval, this role is perfect for you. Your main task is to keep the guests informed about all the amazing activities taking place around the festival site. You will be working as part of the Program and Performance across the weekend, with scripts provided to you in advance.    

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Gate Spruiker / Line Marshal  
  • General Site Spruiker (roving)  
  • Venue Spruiker  
  • Joust Spruiker / Line Marshal   
Stag Inn Team

Join the team at our legendary Stag Inn! Our permanent tavern at the festival is looking for team players with good customer service skills, the ability to work in a busy environment, and the personality to make patrons feel at home in the Middle Ages.  

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Food & Beverage Attendant
  • Kitchen Staff 
  • Rubbish & Fire Handler 
  • Stock Handler 
  • Night Staff 
  • Relief Staff 
  • Cleaner 
VIP Hosting Team (Food & Beverage)

Join our VIP Hosting Team and help us make our VIP patrons feel extra special as they venture into the Middle Ages! Our VIP Hosting Team is looking for those with a knack for customer service, a present and ready mindset, and the ability to work well within a team.  

Possible Roles Include: 

  • VIP Barista  
  • VIP Meet & Greet (VIP car park)  
  • VIP Front of House Attendant  
  • VIP High Gallery Attendant  
  • VIP Area Runner 
  • VIP Bus Driver (Open License with clean record required)  
  • VIP Gate Assistant  
  • VIP Washing Up Team  
Volunteer Centre Team

Help out as part of our Volunteer Centre Team, in joining this team you will be helping make sure that all of our volunteers feel well cared for, have time for breaks and food, and enjoy themselves on the day.  

Possible Roles Include: 

  • Volunteer Centre Assistant 
  • Volunteer Centre Catering Assistant  
  • Volunteer Check-In Desk  
  • Volunteer Runner  

Photographers & Videographers at the Abbey Medieval Festival


Photography applications will open soon separately.

This is separate to the volunteer form. Please do not submit any photography applications through the volunteer form.

Please note due to the high volume of interest for photography volunteers submission of your application does not guarantee approval.