Official Resale and Waitlist Platform

We’ve *partnered with Tixel to provide a dedicated location for ticket resale and waitlist.

Tixel is a third party website that facilitates an exchange of tickets through several verification processes to avoid scammers and scalpers.

They hold ownership of your tickets until they sell after which they transfer onto the buyer. Money is distributed after the event to ensure the tickets remain valid.

Users can register to the waitlist to be notified of tickets that are listed by other users.

We DO NOT recommend trusting ANY social media comments for sale/purchase requests. Any comments offering tickets for sale on social media are blocked to protect against scammers.


DISCLAIMER: *We recommend this site but we are not affiliated. It is a third party site and you can buy and sell *at your own risk*.

Any concerns or issues with Tixel to be directly to Tixel customer service. 

The Abbey Medieval Festival accepts no liability for tickets sold through Tixel, please read their terms and conditions.

Not all tickets are valid for resale. Tickets with seating and catering cannot be changed from selection made at the time of booking.

Due to bundled discount value of family passes, these cannot be sold or exchanged for any alternative format (ie. 2Ad2Kid to 3Ad)

Furthermore just listing your tickets on the site doesnt guarantee it will sell, like with any marketplace.