Immerse Yourself

The Abbey Medieval Festival encourages visitors who want to truly immerse themselves in the medieval experience to wear a medieval costume.

You can become part of our Festival’s story by wearing historically appropriate medieval garb or your own fantastical creation.

If you want to include a sword or other weapon as part of your costume, you will need to obtain a weapons permit online or by reporting to the Sheriff’s office at the event.

Here are some suppliers for medieval-inspired garments and costumes to help get you started:

Create your Own

If you want to get more involved in making your costume, there are a large number of tutorials and how to guides online. A couple we personally recommend are:

Reconstructing History, Rosalie’s Medieval Woman, Textile Artist Badge

Weapon Permits

All Festival patrons planning to bring a weapon as part of their costume (including those made of foam) must apply for a non-re-enactor’s weapons permit.

Click below to complete your permit application online, or by reporting to the Sheriff’s office which is located near the entry gates to the Festival site.

PLEASE NOTE: Submission of this application DOES NOT guarantee that you will be granted a permit.

Due to the fact that over 70% of previous applicants attempt to have the Public Safety Team store their weapons, there will now be a fee of $3.00 per application payable.

This fee will allow unlimited access to the “cloak-room” for your weapon(s).